Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy 2009!

I'm a bit in denial about the new year. 2009. It seems so far in the future and yet here we are. I've been away from the blog for about a month, mostly because I went home for the holidays. The beauty of being an academic is all the vacation time, it almost makes up for the amount of work you take home with you the rest of the year! I had a wonderful time at home, spending time with my Mama and the rest of my family, especially my Niece Em and Nephew Jo-Jo. I visited with lots of friends, High School gals and my Colby girls! And I turned the inevitable 30. It was a crazy busy, fun filled, love filled, and snow filled winter break and I'm giving you a little photo montage of the vacation to catch you up to speed!

The Gingerbread house that Emi and Mom made!

Mom's favorite Nativity scene.

Emi and Jo-Jo playing in the snow!

"Who's the King of the Mountain? Joey!"

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