Monday, January 19, 2009

Easy Pocket Wallet

This past weekend I went to New Orleans with some friends and you know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention? Well it worked for me on Saturday. Friday night I started thinking about packing and couldn't find my little change purse that I often use in lieu of carrying around a wallet on nights out. I'm sure many of you know how annoying it is to carry around a purse when you're out for the evening! So I started thinking, maybe I can make one! But I didn't want the hassle of a zipper, so then I thought about the cute tea wallets and how I could make a wallet for my license, credit card, and cash. But I didn't want anything bulky. So I decided on a simple sleeve to hold everything together. I whipped one up with leftover fabric Saturday morning and brought it to the gym to brainstorm improvements with my friend Diane.

Diane suggested a diagonal opening for easy access, which was brilliant since I had put in a cut out tab opening that did not look polished, and here's the result! I finished it with moments to spare as I packed and headed off to New Orleans! This one is still a prototype though, after a weekend of going in and out of my pocket, one of the seams has come loose, so I'll make another one soon with a wider seam allowance!

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Rachel said...

Followed your blog from Christy's Creations and tea wallets. Those are adorable! Great job. I LOVE the post above that ( I forget what it's called) to carry your credit cards and license ... flap is cut on an angle.. I have one that came with my wallet and love it.. but I would Love to make them to match purses and wallets! Care to share how you did it?? It's a great idea!