Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ug Study Week

Technically this week is study week, the week that my student have to prepare for their upcoming final exams. For me, the TA, that means this is the week between grading term papers and grading final exams that I can work on my own version of hell. Yes, my dissertation. I recently learned that one of my committee members going on sabbatical in the spring and leaves the country at the end of February, which means I must MUST take my B-Exam (oral defense of my dissertation) before she leaves and since I MUST submit my completed rough draft 6 weeks before the exam I need to get it out before I head home for the holidays! So thats why I haven't been updating the blog this week or making new earrings (much). I have of course been making plenty of Christmas presents as that time is quickly upon me too. I did post a couple new earrings this weekend and included a pair in this blog. If anyone out there is undergoing the stress that is grad school and would like to co-miserate, feel free to contact me!

Monday, December 4, 2006

Green and Black Beta Earrings

Of course I still haven't finished correcting term papers, so it makes sense that I have posted a handful of new earring on Etsy in the last 24 hours :) I just can't stop! Making jewelry is like an adiction. I figure the more I make the better the chances are someone will find just the right thing that they are looking for. This morning before getting into grading I made 4 pairs of earrings, three for sale and one Christmas present. Unfortunately I have run out of ear hooks again. So maybe I'll run out to the craft store this afternoon after my meeting and post a few more tonight! Here's the only pair I could finish with ear hooks this morning, the green beads are beautiful.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Term Paper Weekend

Thursday I received 50 10 page papers from my students, so you can imagine what I've been doing this weekend! Yup, making earrings! Well not exactly, I made 3 pairs while taking an extended dinner break last night and posted them on Etsy this morning. I've included a pic of my favorite one, the colors on these gemstones are extremely painterly. Check the site to see if I've been procrastinating any more today! ;)

Friday, December 1, 2006

Annettes Angels

After remarking in my last post that I had sold a style of pink earrings to a breast cancer awareness website I realized it would be nice to give that website a little promo. So here are the earrings that I actually sold to the website which is called Annette's Angels. I've added a link to the website in my links so please check them out, half of their proceeds go towards breast and ovarian cancer awareness funds. It's a very worthy cause.