Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ug Study Week

Technically this week is study week, the week that my student have to prepare for their upcoming final exams. For me, the TA, that means this is the week between grading term papers and grading final exams that I can work on my own version of hell. Yes, my dissertation. I recently learned that one of my committee members going on sabbatical in the spring and leaves the country at the end of February, which means I must MUST take my B-Exam (oral defense of my dissertation) before she leaves and since I MUST submit my completed rough draft 6 weeks before the exam I need to get it out before I head home for the holidays! So thats why I haven't been updating the blog this week or making new earrings (much). I have of course been making plenty of Christmas presents as that time is quickly upon me too. I did post a couple new earrings this weekend and included a pair in this blog. If anyone out there is undergoing the stress that is grad school and would like to co-miserate, feel free to contact me!

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