Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tea Wallet Mania

A few months ago I came across the cutest Tea Wallets on Etsy, made by EliteElishi, and typical of the women in my family I instantly thought, "I can do that!" Now I'm a proponent of supporting crafters and I know that every crafter has their own particular style and I do purchase hand crafted things on occassion but I also really love to sew and was excited to see a small project. So I searched online for a tutorial and behold! I found this Tea Wallet Tutorial over at Christys Creations. It was super easy to follow and fun to make. I made a few adjustments for my personal taste, mainly using a regular matching button on the cover and ribbon to catch the button instead of fabric. So I made three of these little wallets assembly style, one for myself and two as little Christmas present extras for some friends. Aren't they super cute! I've very proud of the way they turned out since I don't have that much experience using interfacing!

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