Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Presents

So I haven't posted anything new in a while, sorry to anyone who checks! I've been really busy with the end of my semester (in case you don't know, my non crafting alter ego is an art history professor). And when I've emerged from beneath the mounds of grading for a few breaths of air I've been maniacly making presents for almost everyone in my family for Christmas. I'm having a very handmade Christmas this year. Mostly things that I've made, a few things I've picked up on Etsy, and one or two presents from in-person stores, but a limited few. So of course that means I can't show you what I've been working on because it might just be for you (mom)!

Instead I thought I would post a few new pics of things in my stash. I realized the other day as I was relisting some jewelry on my Etsy site, that some of the items in my shop have been sitting there for way too long and I could tell by the pictures, and what if my customers could tell by the pictures?! So I spent this morning, my second morning post-semester, taking new pics of some beautiful earrings that just don't deserve to sit in my closet, they deserve love and wearing!

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Julia said...

I love the color of the beads on the first set of earrings. That blue is gorgeous!

Ooh, and thank you for the lovely gifts you sent for Charlie and Lincoln. They're ADORABLE! We haven't even gotten around to starting the nursery yet. We should probably get a move on... :-/