Friday, December 31, 2010

Crafty Resolutions 2011

In the spirit of the New Year I feel like making a list of Resolutions but not for weight loss (which I could) or regarding my finances (which I should) but for crafting! There are so many things that I'm dying to make but never seem to find the time for. So here's a list of hope to makes for 2011.

*My advent calendar! This has been a WIP for over a year now. I worked on it quite a bit in December but had to put it down to finish some gift sewing and hopefully I'll pick it right back up when I return south instead of postponing it until next December!

*A Summer Quilt. I picked out fabrics for this project over a year ago, black, white, and green mostly Sweetwater for Moda fabrics (see below) that I want to work up in a brick pattern. I'm hoping it will be a much more finished looking quilt than any of the ones I've made before.

*These little potholders. I love that they allow you to grip easily although I worry about heat resistance. I'll have to look into thermal resistance before I begin.

*A dress. I don't know yet what pattern, but I'd really like to make something that I will wear. I made a dress last year and wore it and was pretty pleased with it. I guess one a year might be my limit.

*I really really really want to make a point of taking a bookbinding class this year. They offer them several times a year at my local contemporary art center, Space 301. I meant to do it last year but the timing didn't work out. The summer session ended up being the one weekend that my mother was coming to visit and I just missed the winter session all together.

OK, I think that's a pretty do-able but productive year of crafting! Wish me luck and hopefully you will see all of these projects on the blog in the year to come!

*Loving the Calendar above! Surround yourself this year with beauty whether you make it yourself or buy handmade!

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