Monday, July 27, 2009

Maine: The Way Life Should Be

Just wanted to post a few pictures of my recent trip to Maine. Growing up in Maine you don't always appreciate the beauty of the surrounding landscape but now as a bit of an outsider I am awed by it. I spent my two weeks home visiting friends and family and seeing as much of the sea as I could. The weather wasn't as inspiring as I would have liked, it rained or threatened as much for 14 of the 18 days I was home. But luckily I managed to make it to the beach on the nice day!

Other than beaching I spent time with two of my college friends on Cape Cod where we visited a fabulous pick your own farm. I could not stop snapping pictures the whole time we were there with all the lush greenery springing from the earth!

And of course I spent a whole lot of time with my favorite niece and nephew! Here they are at Home Depot's Saturday Kids Clinic where they were making a Picnic Caddy. You can tell little Joey is really going to town with his tools! After we finished with the clinic we went into the store for a few things and every tool we passed Joey said, "I want that for my birthday next year." Power Drill, "I want that for my birthday next year." Table Saw, "I want that for my birthday next year." Etc. Very cute. And Emi did a great job of making her Picnic Caddy without getting anything on her lovely dress :)

It was a great visit and I miss the kiddos already!

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