Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sushi at Home

A and I have had a busy and tough last few weeks with his work schedule and the impending move, so last night I decided we needed a night together in the kitchen. There is something so comforting and home-y about cooking together. We love to go out for sushi, in fact our second date was to a sushi restaurant, so I thought I'd try to teach him to make sushi. It's something I've done at home once or twice but it's been a while and I love to do it! Here's a look at our feast! We made three types of rolls, one California roll, one roll with shrimp, crab, and cucumber, and one roll of A's own making with who knows what in it (I know it included some hot sauce so I steered clear of it!). We also made Summer Rolls similar to the ones that I learned to make from my friend Julia (Thanks Jules!) and Miso soup with rice noodles. It was far more food than we could eat, but look how fabulous!


RockinMamaBG said...


Tag your it!! I was tagged so now I'm tagging you. You are supposed to write 10 things about your self & then tag 10 others :-)

Julia said...

Deeelicious! :-)