Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vampire Kitteh

Happy Belated Halloween everyone! I took this pic this morning and it just seemed quite fitting for the season. I purchased a laundry basket for Annibelle a few weeks ago in hopes of giving her a cozy place to sleep now that I've banished her from my bedroom at night but I hadn't seen her actually get in the thing on her own, let alone sleep in it til this morning! Yay! She was very comfy in it until I got out the camera, which apparently makes a very intriguing sound every time I turn it on. Humph. Anyways, this was actually the beginning of a yawn, the second pic is 2 second later, such a cutie pie!

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Susan said...

I tried banishing the girl from mine. They fight in the middle of the bed, howl, lick my face, attack my feet or sit on my head. But, I get less sleep if Fidget sits outside my door and yowls loudly the entire time. I give up.