Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Sewing!

Well, it's been a busy spring semester with very little time for sewing, but I'm making up for it now! This past week I spent a lot of time in front of my Singer and it feels great to have 2 garments that I will really wear at the end of it all!

My first project was to create a dress that I've had bookmarked for almost a year! It took me a long time to realize that the fabric I bought last year was perfect for this project! This is my version of Prudent Baby's Most Flattering Shirt Dress. It was super easy to follow the tutorial and I love the way she used bias tape! The dress is wearable and cute and I haven't even done the smocking yet! I'm not sure I will since I'm loving it with the belt!

The same night I finished the dress I started whipping up a skirt. I just saw this Elastic-Waist Flirt Skirt (inspired by J.Crew) by Growing Home in May and have been looking for the right fabric ever since. Apparently I'm obsessed with batik and batik like prints right now.... The skirt fabric is actually a dyed fabric (not printed) as it doesn't have a perfect repeat, which makes it all the more interesting! I've already worn the skirt a couple of times and am planning to make another one (it only took about 2 hours to make!) but I think I'll make the next one a little smaller so it doesn't have as much volume. And yes, it even has pockets!!!!!


Elisabeth said...

Your skirt looks fantastic! I love the batik print and the blue and white. Every time I see a new one of these, I'm inspired to make several more:). Thanks for the link!

Julia said...

Love both the dress and the skirt! And um... I'd like to add that you look fabulous! ;-) Miss you!