Friday, February 6, 2009

Bamboo Handled Purse Remade

I'm so glad to be well enough for crafting again! I've been suffering from vertigo for the last week due to an errant calcium crystal in my inner ear. I'm still taking meds for the vertigo and am not well enough for driving yet, but I managed to drive the sewing machine this afternoon! It was so nice to be doing something again, making something. I've been commissioned by a friend to make a tea wallet for her mother's birthday, so I made it this afternoon, one step at a time, slowly, just in case it was a little too much for me. It went really well. I made two factory-line style, just in case I messed one up. I love the deep purple, almost fuschia color of this fabric.

I also finished a purse that has been sitting on my kitchen table for weeks. Because of the unusal bamboo handles on this one I was not able to complete the sewing on the sewing machine. The sewing machine just won't allow enough room for the handle. So I hand-stitched it while sitting on the couch after finishing the tea wallets. I haven't decided if I will sell this one or not, I truly love the fabric and the handles and shape of the bag as it has turned out. So here's some picks of the bag, but these are not the picks that will go up on my Etsy if I do chose to sell it. (Update: I did decide to post this bag on my Etsy, here's the link: Fan and Flower Print Purse)

I also wanted to post a new pick of the Bamboo Handled Purse that I posted about a few weeks ago. I restitched the edges to eliminate the visible designer name and the end result was that I lost the contrasting fabric around the handle that I loved so much. Bummer. I still like the bag, the print is so sweet, but I'm not sure if I'll keep it for my own after all. We'll see.

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