Sunday, October 5, 2008


Wow, last night I was on a roll! I set up my jewelry making supplies on the dining table and created created created all night long! I think I made a necklace, 6 pairs of earrings, and a pendant! I'll be posting them on my Etsy site over the course of this week, so watch for them!

Here's the pendant that I finished last night. I love the way it hangs. I tried doing a horizontal orientation instead of the other pendants which are all vertical. I also added a little bling to the pendant, which I love :-) Sparkly! This pendant coordinates with a pair of earrings that I made a few weeks ago! I know this pic is bad, I'm waiting for my camera batteries to recharge and then there will be better ones!

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Julia said...

I love them! BTW, the earrings that you gave me are holding up very well. I've worn them quite a bit, and they look excellent. :-) I haven't been knitting much, so I haven't used the stitch markers yet. I did however go to my LYS and buy a TON of blue and green yarn today. ;-)