Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blue and Cream

I recently added a cute new purse to my Etsy page. It's blue and cream and I had intended to make it for myself but let's be honest, a girl can only use so many bags at one time! And since I still can't go anywhere without my white one (see pics below) I thought I'd put it up for sale! I'm a little concerned about putting non-jewelry objects up in my shop. Since the shop is called EJewelryDesigns, I worry about the integrity of the shop having other things in it. I've considered opening a second shop to sell things like my sewing projects and maybe eventually some knitting things, but it is hard enough to do promotion for one shop! I just don't think I could handle the upkeep of two. So for now, there will be the odd project listed in EJewelryDesigns!

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