Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So I realized that if I waited any longer it would no longer be appropriate to post a happy new year as it is almost February! How does that happen?! So - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I haven't been doing too much in the way of jewelry making lately. I did a big new batch of earring just before Christmas and sold them all at a jewelry party in Maine. I love my customers up there!

In other craft news, I have been going to town on my sewing machine! I made a few things for myself and some Christmas presents while I was at home on my mother's sewing machine as well. No machine is safe! I thought since I haven't been making a whole lot of earrings lately, I would post some pics of my two new favorite sewing projects. I recreated a shirt from my favorite shirt that I've been wearing too frequently. So the blue shirt is from my own pattern and the black dress, which has polka-dots on it, is just the shirt but longer. I like the simplicity of the forms (even if my grandmother thinks they make me look prego!).

I've also recently joined Ravelry, a online knitting community and hope to get back on that bandwagon as well. It is just so hard to knit when it is warm out!

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Julia said...

I love both the shirt and the skirt! I wish I knew how to sew... :-(