Monday, July 2, 2007

Knit Tunic!

Ok, so I had started this blog as a place to write about my jewelry ventures and hopefully to help me regulate how often I updated my etsy site, but today I am posting a non-jewelry related post. It IS a craft related post though! Those of you who know me, know I'm also a knitter, a novice knitter but a knitter none-the-less! I wanted to post a pic of my most recent knitting project and my very first project that was not a scarf or hat :) I'm very proud of how well it came out and it fits great! If you like the tunic you can get the pattern for free on or use this link:

I have been working on some new earring styles this sumemr as well but I don't have any photos yet as I keep making earrings for myself, not for the etsy site but I'll try to take a few photos soon, heavens knows I could use the money, maybe I should do some etsy posting soon too!

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Julia said...

very cute! i love it! i haven't been knitting or crocheting anything lately... i have several projects "on the needles" but that's where they're staying at the moment... :-/ congrats of finishing your first REAL project though! i know how satisfying that it!