Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pink Cluster Earrings

It seems like everyone loves these pink cluster dangly earrings! And I can't blame them! I had to keep the first pair that I made for myself :) I can't seem to keep the beads in stock, everytime I sell one pair someone else wants a pair and I'm not complaining! The funny thing about these earrings is that they are known by my mother's friends as my breast cancer awareness earrings by mistake. A few months ago I sold a pair of pink earrings to a woman beginning a breast cancer awareness website and she ended up buying 10 pairs to put in her shop which featured pink handmade items (though nothing with the obvious pink ribbon). Before seeing the website my mother mistakenly told her friends these were the style on the website and now they are the official breast cancer awareness earrings for the girls at Winslow Elementary School! Oops! Either way, I'm glad people find my earrings beautiful enough to inspire! Want a pair?

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